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Professional Nanny

The Most Qualified Care

Your children deserves the best. Our Nannies have years of experiences and/or are trained to provide the best care for your children.
Looking for a Day Nanny or an After School Nanny? Your Nanny can be live in or live out and follows you on your holidays if required.

L'Agence de Nannies assists you in finding the most suitable Nanny who matches your needs.

Professional Nanny's Duties and Suggested Salary

Working Hours: 

The schedule of a Nanny can vary depending on the family's needs and are to be determined at the beginning of employment.

The Nanny can be hired part-time or full-time, able to babysit occasionaly and follows  the Family on holidays as long as it is agreed and discussed from the start.

The Nanny position can be live in or live out.


The duties can vary depending on the Family'needs:

Child related duties and responsibilities includes:

  • keeping the child active and social (organizing/attending playdates and parties). going out to the park for a walk or to the library or museums. 

  • managing the child's laundry and belongings 

  • keeping the bedroom and playroom area safe, cleaned, tidy and organized.

  • keeping the child entertained and promotes his development through play. 

  • Nannies are not expected to do any heavy housework, family's cooking or any other chores not related to the children.


Nanny 's Salary:

The salary depends on the nature of the position; whether the Nanny is a live-in or a live-out, a part-time or a full-time.

It also depends on the age, qualifications and experience of the Nanny.

Suggested salaries:

  • Live-in nanny: from 500euros a week with 1 or 2 days off.

  • Live-out nanny: from 10 to 15 euros per hour, or 450 euros to 600euros a week depending on the amount of hours required.


All Nannies have at least 3 years of experiences in childcare, certificates and/or diploma. Our Agency has checked her information and credentials.

It is important to discussed and agreed about the salary, annual holiday leave and schedule at the interview or as least before the first day of employment. We recommend all the families to constitute a contract as a written agreement.