Maternity Nurse

Your Children in Capable Hands

Congratulations! Your little treasure is about to come or already at home. Looking for a Maternity Nurse to go through his first months of life?  You need a  professional, experienced and trustworthy Maternity Nurse.

At l'Agence de Nannies , the Maternity Nurse are trained and highly qualified, only the best to take care of your most precious little baby.

Will you breastfeed? Bottlefeed? a mix of both?

Do you need guidance to establish a baby routine?

Any advices about your newborn's development?

The Maternity Nurse will be able to assist you, advise you, help you to go through the first trimesters of your baby's life with serenity.

Maternity Nurse Duties and  Suggested Salary

Working hours

  • A Maternity nurse is usually hired for a period of 1 to 12 weeks (the baby's first trimester) and works 5 to 6 days a week with a 24-hours cover per day.

  • Depending on the new parents 's needs , the position can be for a Night maternity Nurse or a Day Maternity Nurse.

  • The Maternity Nurse can start as early as the day your baby leaves the hospital.


  • The Maternity Nurse takes care of all postnatal duties related to your newborn baby.

  • From the newborn laundry to the sterilization of the baby's bottles, the Maternity nurse keeps the nursery tidy and gives baby its bath.

  • The Maternity Nurse helps you setting up a sleeping routine as well as a feeding routine for your newborn.

  • The Maternity Nurse has knowledge in bottlefeeding as well as breastfeeding so can offer support and guidance. 

  • The Maternity Nurse cares for the baby through out the night so you can get a good night sleep.

Maternity nurses are self-employed and charges per day worked. Depending on  her experience, qualifications and the number of hours required, as well as whether it is for a single baby, for twins or triplets, the salary starts from 250euros a day to 400euros per day for twins or triplets.

Following salaries are a guideline only:

  • for a single baby: between 200euros and 350 euros per 24h care cover

  • for twin babies: between 300euros to 400euros per 24h care cover

  • for triplets: between 350 euros to 400euros per 24h care cover

For a Day Maternity Nurse or  a Night maternity nurse , salaries are from 250 to 350euros per day worked.