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Happy Children make Happy Parents

At L'Agence de Nannies, we make your childcare needs our top priority. We ensure that our caretakers have the latest training to provide the best care possible.

We are a Nanny agency providing international placement of Nannies, Governesses and Maternity nurse.


About Us

Our Nanny Agency has been providing top notch child care services. Our mission: to ensure that we match you with a capable, professional and friendly caregiver who shares your family values.

In today’s world, it’s not easy being a parent - and it’s even harder to find good, reliable, and affordable childcare. Contact us to learn more about our services and get the references you need. You are also welcome to schedule a personal meeting with us to learn more.

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Professional Services

The Best Care for Your Child

Whether you’re looking for a Professional Nanny , a Bilingual Nanny, a Rota Nanny/Governess or a Maternity Nurse

we’re the Nanny Agency you’ve been looking for. We offer a variety of childcare services including part and full-time care, after-school care, newborn care, and so much more.

Contact us to discuss your exact needs. Because every family is different, all the details have to be considered.
Our childcare professionals are highly qualified with years of experience and/or teaching background.

Professional Nanny

Your children deserves the best. Our Nannies have years of experiences and/or are trained to provide the best care for your children.
Looking for a Day Nanny or an After School Nanny? Your Nanny can be live in or live out and follows you on your holidays if required.

L'Agence de Nannies assists you in finding the most suitable Nanny who matches your needs.

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Bilingual Nanny

Along with all Nanny duties , a Bilingual Nanny brings a new language for the baby to be exposed to. 
In the Early years, a child can learn a new language faster than an adult.
The Bilingual Nanny will teach the language but also share the  culture. 

At l'Agence de Nannies , we provide only the best candidates, they are experienced, and/or with qualifications.

English? French? Spanish? Russian? Greek? which language would you like your child to know?

As a Nanny Agency , we provide a VIP service and international placements.

Maternity Nurse

Congratulations! Your little treasure is about to come or already at home. Looking for a Maternity Nurse to go through his first months of life?  You need a  professional, experienced and trustworthy Maternity Nurse.

At l'Agence de Nannies , the Maternity Nurse are trained and highly qualified, only the best to take care of your most precious little baby.

Will you breastfeed? Bottlefeed? a mix of both?

Do you need guidance to establish a baby routine?

Any advices about your newborn's development?

The Maternity Nurse will be able to assist you, advise you, help you to go through the first trimesters of your baby's life with serenity.

Kindergarten Guide

Rota Nanny/Governess

 A Rota Nanny/ Governess is a highly experienced childcare professional who offers her service 24/7 for a time period agreed upon followed by the same amount of time as a time off when a second Rota Nanny/Governess takes over. 

This system guarantees you to have a non-stop childcare support.

When family's lifestyle is busy and/ or includes a lots of travels , the Rota system is the childcare support you need.

On top of it, you can choose two Rota Nannies with different native languages so your children can learn them as the same time.


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